Магазин острых чили соусов

Russia is the country of cold nights, polar bears in the street, heart-warming vodka and hot, filling but bland, soups and meat. The stereotype is changing as Russians open to new tastes. Our partner, Marco Kuski, was instrumental in this change in neighboring Finland. Starting 10 years ago his company Poppamies helped introduce a new need for heat and flavor in Finland. Now more than a million bottles of specialty sauces are sold in Finland and most family tables at mealtimes come adorned with several bottles of different sauces. The US and European market for specialty sauces is doubling every year, following the trend for craft beer and beverages that allow people a choice to meet their specific taste. Now we will introduce this worldwide trend to Russia!

The founder of Poppamies - our partner and a real viking!
We will bring heat, flavor and spice to Russian tables everywhere… beginning here in St. Petersburg. We begin with our Viking neighbor's selection of sauces adapted specifically to Northern tastes, along with a few classics from USA. This is a work in progress. As our community of heat and bold flavor lovers grows we will expand our selection to include the best sauces, spices, marinades and flavors from all over the world. So, join us on an adventure of bringing heat to Russia.
Our goals include starting production of original Russian hot sauce. We will put the Russian soul into bottles of liquid heat.

We provide the possibility to enjoy hot sauces from all over the world!

We select the best sauces from all over the world and bring them to you. Our goal is to collaborate with you to find and supply all the flavor that this world offers.
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